Preparing for school next year starts now!


Schools’ have just started back, you see all the children walking to school with their uniform, bags, shoes and lunch boxes. But what about next year? Or later this year if you have a child like mine who grows out of his half way through the year? Or is your child going to be starting school next year? Well lets start saving now!

Since my son started school 3 years ago we have had a sinking/saving pot that we add to each month, by spreading it through the whole year it really doesn’t feel like to much.

So what do we save for:

Uniform – Work out how much they need and roughly how much they cost. Where will you buy them? Be realistic, if your budget can only stretch to £5 a month it is likely you are looking at second-hand but there is nothing wrong with that as it will mean the cost is not going on the credit card.

School shoes – Again how many do they need? Black school shoes and PE shoes/trainers? You know how quickly your child’s feed grow will they need another pair half way through the year?

Coat – look for one they can use all year rather than just one season.

School lunches – Are they buying lunch or are you packing lunch?

School photos – If you are going to want one add it to your list.

School trip – There is no real way to estimate the cost of this but if you can add a little it will make it easier for you when that letter comes home.

The list could go on but this is a great start and no matter how little you save it will all help.

Save money where you can!

Coat – If they have one that does fit don’t buy a new one they will only really wear it this winter. Buy next years in the sales after Christmas you will save a fortune.

Shoes – We do prefer Clarks’ shoes as my children have very narrow feet and we find we get holes in others. So look out for outlets as you can find them for about half the price.

Uniform – If you like to buy uniform from places like Marks and Spencer look out for offers. For example just before the summer holidays they had 20% off, which makes them more affordable.

Look at nearly new sales, charity shops, Facebook groups and school second-hand events. They will all help you save a fortune.

So school may have just started but let’s get ready as a new school year will start every September, so stop letting it sneak up on you.

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