My September Challenge – Reduce Grocery Shopping by £150 (week 1)

To may have seen on my Instagram account that I am trying to reduce my grocery shop for the month of September by £150. If not a little background for you. As a family of 5 we currently spend £600 a month of food, this is not bad but not great either I would love to get it to £400 by the end of the year but baby-steps. This month we have budgeted £500 but I am aiming to only spend £450. This is to include all consumables for example we have two toddlers in nappies, toiletries, cleaning products, pet food. I plan to update weekly on a Friday how I am getting on, sharing photos, how much I spent and our meal plan.

Week 1

For those of you who have lived or currently live pay-cheque to pay-cheque do you find you shop like that to? I do, when week 1 of the month rolls around it is always a larger shop as we have very little in the way of anything in the house. This week is no exception, but this weeks shop is including some stockpile items. I don’t intend to have a giant stock pile but I would love to get to a point where I shop the sale rather than because we NEED it (this is many months away).

We spent:

Aldi – £10.38 – Nappies (not pictured as already opened)

Iceland – £4.84

Asda – £98.11

Total: £113.33

Below are the pictures of this weeks shop. You will see a mixture of branded, store brand and value products, we always shop like this but it is a great way to save a little. I would suggest step down one, branded to shop brand or shop brand to value and just try it you will either like it or you won’t.

A few good buys

Fruit Shoots, these are for the cinema this week. I was going to pick up a normal price pack but found these in the reduced section. The cheapest you generally find them is 4 for £1 making them 25p each, these are 7 for £1.04 making them 15p each. BARGAIN!!

Children’s toothpaste, this has a regular retail price of £1.50 but on offer for £1 (this is a regular offer). What makes this a great buy is that you get 50% extra free making the quantity of 1 regular size tube of toothpaste 66p!


This weeks meal plan


meal plan 7-13-9-17

Outlook for the rest of the month

Usually the other shops are slightly smaller so I think I can do this. I have £336 (the 67p will go in a coin jar) left which is £113 a week. My only obstacle is that I do know I become more relaxed as the weeks go one and this also means my shopping list isn’t as well thought out, meaning extra trips to the shops. Hopefully writing these posts will stop this.

Any tips on how you keep your groceries down would be gratefully received.


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