If you missed the first week of my challenge to reduce our grocery shopping click here to take a look.

Week 2

Current Grocery Budget: £336

This week didn’t feel as well planned out as last. I did plan out my meals and write a shopping list but missed so many of my basics off that I noticed as I went around the shop. When I shop like this there is usually one or two things that ‘fall’ in to my trolley they never cost the earth but every penny! My plan for this week is to make a couple of the meals last for next week to reduce shopping just that little more. One thing I always have even with a non-resistant stockpile is have a spare easy to make meal which for the children is usually a ready made fish pie, not possibly the greatest however add vegetables on the side and when you are in a rush you have a not so bad meal. I am also starting to stock butter for baking over the holidays.

We spent:

Asda – £109.47

Below are the pictures of this weeks shop. You will see a mixture of branded, store brand and value products, we always shop like this but it is a great way to save a little. I would suggest step down one, branded to shop brand or shop brand to value and just try it you will either like it or you won’t.

This weeks meal plan


Outlook for the rest of the month

We are left with £226 (the small change gets added to a penny jar) for the last 2 weeks, this is currently feeling do-able, but I maybe thinking to soon. I didn’t get to much in the way of stockpile this week so would like to look at that more next week and look for 3 items that we regularly use that are on offer an stock up.

Any tips on how you keep your groceries down would be gratefully received.


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