My September Challenge – To Reduce My Grocery Budget By £150 (Week 3)

If you missed the last few weeks of my personal challenge I will link them just below for you to have a catch up:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Current Grocery Budget: £226

I thought this week would be a smaller week however as we got closer and closer to shopping day the list on the fridge kept growing. We have a piece of paper on the fridge to write things down when we know we will need them in this weeks shop, it is either something we have run out of or something we will run out of soon. This weeks food shopping list was huge as we had so many of the monthly purchases, the dishwasher tablets, toilet roll, fabric softener to name but a few.

We spent:

Asda – £122.74

I have brought a few larger buys for example the bacon I brought double what I needed as the large pack works out cheaper per kg and that will mean we also have enough for another meal next week. I also stockpiled a few items like body wash and toothpaste buying double what I needed. So over all I am happy with the price.

Here is my little helper today when we were half way round the shop, her face was not as impressed towards the end.


This weeks meal plan

Thursday – Fish and homemade chips

Friday – Pizza / Date night

Saturday – Beef stew

Sunday – Toad in the hole

Monday – Spaghetti

Tuesday – Shepard Pie

Wednesday – Left overs

Outlook for the rest of the month

We are left with £103 (the small change gets added to a penny jar) for the last week. I do still feel I can do this as with what I have brought this week and month I will already have everything for 3 meals next week. Fingers crossed.

Any tips on how you keep your groceries down would be gratefully received.


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