How You Can Save Money on Children’s Party Presents

We have all been there

The invite comes home, you have responded within a day or two and then you have put the invite on to the fridge thinking to yourself I will sort a present out in the next week or so (very organised). Fast forward to the day before the party when your child comes home from school and is so excited as they are off to the party tomorrow and then you remember….the present. We have all been there, we have also all been to the shop that day and brought either the first thing we could find and paid way over the odds for it or put money in a card which in reality is probably more than you were going to spend.

Here are three tips to help you save money and be prepared ahead of time of that next birthday invite. Saving money and buying frugally does not mean you need to buy a cheap present but it does mean a few extra £££ in your pockets.

The present

canva-photo-editor (2).png

  • Set a budget – What you are willing to pay, be realistic and look at how many parties your child is likely to go to. £10 if they generally go to two parties may work for you, however £10 when they go to 20 may not.  By knowing your limit you know what you have to work with and this will stop you from buying the first thing you find in a shop that costs four times the amount you ideally wanted to spend.
  • Buy in advance – I do this with both presents and cards, wrapping etc. Use offers like three for two or buy one get one free, a board game you know your child’s friends will like may be out of your price £5 range at £10 but when on a buy one get one free two of there friends get this lovely game and you have stuck to a £5 per present limit. There is also generally three for two on gift wrap and cards so rather than thinking I only need one buy the three as one of cards will be free.  TIP: Store them all in one location then you won’t forget where you put them.
  • Be generic – don’t buy with boys or girls in mind. There is a lot of presents that are neutral, board games, books, lego, craft materials are to name but a few. This will mean it doesn’t matter who’s birthday is next. The same with all the wrapping and cards look for multi coloured wrap with Happy Birthday on it and cards with balloons they are bright and colourful and saved you little in your purse.

Don’t over think your presents to much, they are children after all and they actually enjoy that your child came to play more than the present.

Comment below ways you save money on party presents. Also I have seen many people now request no presents for their child, has your child ever had a no present invite or have you ever requested no presents for your child?



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  1. Great advice! My children go to so many parties and I end up spending an absolute fortune! I’ve started to buy in bulk when there’s a sale on or even at whole sale, and buying unisex is a great idea!


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