Could Cash be the Answer to your Budget?

Figures from the British Retail Consortium now show that card payments account for over half of all retail purchases/transaction. So cash usage has dropped but could we be missing a trick with our budgets by tapping that little contactless card or entering in our pin?


Why use cash?

Cash can be a great way to become intentional about your spending. When working with a budget you are likely to find there are certain categories you start to feel uncomfortable with just how much money you spend, cash could help these areas until you get it to a value your happy with.  For example you may find that some months you are spending over £300 on clothes and what you want is to get it to £100, when it is in cash you are less likely to spend £70 on a jumper if you know your children need shoes.


Cash Envelopes

We personally use cash envelopes/clips. This simply means that the several categories that we use cash for, have an envelope/clip this allows us to have a set budget for each category and we don’t accidentally spend our grocery money on the children’s shoes.

What do I think?

Since using cash myself here are my pro’s and con’s:


  • We certainly spend less
  • I am more intentional with what and why I am buying
  • As a mum it is always good to have some cash for the school


  • Having to go to the bank each month (most comes from an ATM however if you need £5 or less then you will need to make a trip).
  • You carry a lot of cash at one time.

Would you consider using cash? Or do you use cash and have you seen a difference to your budget?

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