Cheap and Free School Holiday Activities and Days Out

We all need to get out the house once or twice during the school holiday even if it’s just so you don’t hear I am bored one more time. But trips out can soon add up so here are my suggestions to free or cheap days out everyone can enjoy:

The Park

There is just something about the park children love. They have endless fun, climbing, sliding and jumping around. What my children love more though is a park hop, this is where we will pick three or four parks and visit them all one after the other. We maybe at each on 20 minutes or an hour it all just depends on the day. You can take a picnic with you and make a complete day of it.

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The library

This is a great place for little activities even more so for those rainy days, our local library may have a book themed craft event or seasonal activities so check you local library to see what they have on (depending on the activity there may be a small charge but look around as there are a lot of free ones to find).



There are many museums that are free across the country, where is your local one? They may also have special activities on during the school holidays (there may be a cost to the activities so please check before you go).

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Art Gallery

Do you have a local art gallery? We have two not far from us and they both have things going on for the school holidays, they also have activities and dress up boxes as you walk around the galleries that the children will enjoy while enjoying the art.

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This is something we have not done but is on our list for this school holiday. The activity of finding a geocache itself is free. The small cost comes from the possible purchase of something to put in the box (optional). The link to the geocache website is here to find out more.

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Gruffalo Spotter Trail

This is another on our list this holiday. There are 26 forests across the country that are part of the interactive trail click to see if there is one near you. The app you download and the trail itself is free there is however a parking charge and for a small amount you can get a trail activity kit (optional). This is only on during certain times of the year so please check your closet forest.

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This is a great way to go somewhere on a rainy day, a cheap way to take the children to the cinema and because it is a junior movie no one minds that they are chatting so you don’t feel the need to ‘ssshhh’ them. A lot of cinemas have junior or children movies on most days of the holidays, they are not usually new films they are likely to be a few months old but there is normally enough to choose from that you can find one you haven’t seen. To ensure it is extra cheap take your own snacks.

canva-photo-editor (10)

Not the greatest photo but her first cinema trip


Have you got subscriptions to places you have paid for already that you have hardly used? These are great to use right now, they are already paid for and the likelihood is you have not used it as much as you thought you would when you purchased it (we have all done it). Or is it a subscription to multiple places where you could find one you haven’t been to before?

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Don’t underestimate your home this school holiday, all you will need is some household items and your child’s imagination and there is most definitely a lot of fun to be had.

Get in to your garden

During those times you’re at home, why not create a box of items that will allow their imaginations run wild outside in your own garden. This is a link to a blog post by Lois Betts of a Forest School Teacher and mum of 3 she talks about her set up and what you can do to have something similar.



We all have basics even if it is recycled items like bottles, colouring pencils and sticky tape. Let their imagination run free, if they find it hard with crafts set them a task what would you love to see? Just remember it is the joy of the craft we are after and not the end product.

What will you be doing this school holiday?

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  1. How fun! I miss the days that my son wanted to go to the park, etc. Now that he’s a teenager and drives himself, he doesn’t really spend much time with Mom anymore. 😦 These are great ideas for parents, though.


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