The National Trust – Our day at Packwood House

We have been members of the National Trust for a few months now and we have visited several sites both on holiday and back home. For us it is great value for money at £9.55 a month for the family it can be a cheap way to get out of the house, especially if like us you visit more than one site a month (honesty alert – read to the end to see why this visit wasn’t quite so budget friendly for us this time). Here is a glimpse in to our visit to Packwood House in Lapworth.


We didn’t go in to the house. We had said we would go and get a time slot after lunch when we had seen everything else, but there is so much to do we hadn’t even seen half the grounds by lunch time. As we didn’t have time we will revisit again and the house tour will be first on the to do list as while we enjoy the picturesque house, there is a children’s trail to keep them interested. But here is some of what we did get to do:

canva-photo-editor (19)

These trees were pretty big and to put the picture in to context my husband is 6ft 7in so for my children they were ginormous. They were so much fun we were chasing each other around them and playing hide and seek. There is also one in the shape of castle which the girls loved.

canva-photo-editor (18)

As a family we did enjoy the grounds as there was just so much space that the children felt free. They were also very beautiful which I really enjoyed, the flowers and the kitchen garden were among my favourites.

canva-photo-editor (15)

After a picnic lunch (several picnic benches and park benches around) we followed one of the trails in to the woods. I do believe there are a couple to choose, one being a route to Baddesley Clifton another National Trust site not to far away.

canva-photo-editor (8)

He got to climb a tree, which he was excited about as it meant he could mark it in his ’50 Things To Do Before Your 11 3/4′ book.

canva-photo-editor (14)

There was several dens built around the walk. Logs to climb on were enjoyed by all including the grown up children. A favourite on the walk was a standing rope swing.

canva-photo-editor (16)

By the end of our day our youngest was exhausted and actually fell asleep on my shoulder, so the warm and  beautiful cafe did call our names and we didn’t say no. So a slight budget blip for us as it wasn’t planned for but it was enjoyed by all and exactly why we have a small buffer in our account for occasions just like this.

We have only been to a few National Trust sites so far, where would you recommend we next visit?


50 (5)




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  1. This looks lovely. We don’t have a huge amount near us so have never been tempted by the pass but I know there are lots of gorgeous ones round the country. Always look so stunning! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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