October Challenge – Sell Everything – Week 4

If you have missed the start of my October Challenge click on the links below:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

I have got everything on to Ebay now, slightly slower than I should have so I do still have four items left to sell but this won’t stop me with November’s challenge (which I will announce on Instagram on 1st November). Two items that did not sell in week three sold this week which is great and one of them sold for more than expected which was brilliant. However I have had a case open as one buyer has said they have not received an item I sent them last week. I am waiting to here back from them as they may have received it now but I may have to refund and claim from Royal Mail which I will not enjoy.

Sold this week £68

Made so far £202 (before fees)

Next week

I have the last four items which will hopefully all sell, which at a minimum will add another £120. If they don’t sell I will relist or add to other selling sites. We also have a possible extra item to sell but we have not decided if we have finished using it (baby/toddler item). This has been a great month it has cleared space in our house and I will have enough for my November project.


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