Me and Mine – October

I have enjoyed the family photo projects by the Dear Beautiful blog for some time now. I have decided to take part as a reminder of why we live on a budget, why we are frugal and why we are trying to live as simply as possible. I thought it would also capture a snippet of our life that may not be seen on our blog otherwise.


This is not a perfect picture, however it does some up our month quite well. We have had a very busy month with a few weeks of illness going around the family and then squeezing in some family fun where we could. We also went through potty training with Isla, which 2 or 3 weeks in and she is doing great. However half term couldn’t come quick enough and then it flew by and was finished with family coming to stay for a long weekend.


So what have we all been loving this month:

Me – Our Girl (BBC1), a new notepad and the half term school holiday.

Mr C – National trust visits and his family coming to visit.

Aiden – Roald Dahl The Twits, Dodgeball and The Magic School Bus Rides Again (on Netflix).

Isla –  Everything sparkly, In the Night Garden, collect pine cones and drawing people.

Émilie – Baby dolls, Peppa Pig and Duplo lego.


The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful



4 thoughts

  1. Well done for managing to get all three in the same picture – I’ve got just one, and that can be difficult enough 😀 Hopefully you are getting better now, and no more illnesses! #meandmine


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