Toddler Gift Ideas

Over the next two months in our house we have two toddlers birthdays and Christmas. The eldest toddler (my second child) who is turning three has requested two items a sparkly dress and a pink scooter, my youngest who is turning two I am not sure really cares if she gets a present as her only love is her baby doll. However family members ask what they can get them and we do intend to get them presents we just intend to be smart about it.

Being frugal with children’s toys is about buying toys that are open-ended and in turn your children will have less toys. This can mean however they can cost slightly more if buying quality, but this is not always the case so I would look at people’s reviews before purchasing rather than buying the first one you find. So here are some of my picks for toddlers:

Kinetic Sand

This can be so versatile, they can build to their heart’s content, imagine they are on a beach or could be great for sensory boxes.

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Set – Assorted Color


All children love a doll, a little person to look after just like you look after them. My only suggestion is to look for a hard body doll, I know they are not as cuddly however they are a lot easier to clean and when they want to give them a bath they can without you having to dry it out for the next day.

Dolls World Splash Time Baby Boy


These are extremely open-ended they could be anything they wanted. One day they could build a garage for their cars and the next a telephone for their doctor’s surgery but the list is endless. There are so many blocks around so find what is best for both your child and your budget but here are a couple of my favourites.

LEGO 10848 My First Bricks Building Set

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 piece set

Animals and People

Animals and people can pull many items together for example your child makes a castle these are the knights to defend that castle. Sand, these are the people or animals on the beach. Playdough these are great to make footprints on or make outfits. The list is endless.

Play Build Community Figures Set – 16 Pieces – Bulk Starter Kit Includes Police Man, Farmer, Fire Fighter, Conductor, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Kids & More – Compatible with LEGO DUPLO Building Blocks

Terra by Battat AN6004Z Wild Animals Toy in a Tube (60-Piece)

Dress up outfits

This could be done a couple of ways. Scarfs in many colours that you can help them make the outfits they are after or to buy dress up outfits. If buying dress up outfits I would go for ones like doctors, firemen, generic superhero or a princess. I would not buy a certain character unless it is a real love of your child’s.

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set (7 pcs)

Children’s table

A place for them where they don’t need your help to either get them on the chair or push them in. The play opportunity are endless, just imagine a craft table, an office, a shop, vets table, doctors surgery and the list goes on.

IKEA LATT – Children-s table with 2 chairs, white, pine

Craft Items

One of my children, if left with a few craft items would be happy all day so here are a few of her favourites that will likely be topped up in her Christmas stocking.

Crayola – 4 Pack Washable Ready Mix Paint

Play Doh, Assortment Colour Classic Tubs (Pack of 4)

Artbox 20 full size colouring pencils set in 20 assorted colours

What are your toddlers favourite toys?

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Disclaimer –

If clicking on the links above it will take you through to amazon and they are affiliated links. They will pay me a tiny amount if you do purchase and item, this does not affect the price you pay. Find out more here.


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