7 ways to save on Christmas Presents

Christmas shopping for many is already underway, however it can become very overwhelming very fast if you blow your budget. My biggest piece of advice aside from the money saving tips below is, remember Christmas is not all about presents and if what you can afford this year is spending time your family they will be more than happy with that.

Before you even start shopping:

Limit presents

For the last few years we have done the something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read gift idea with our three children. I am not saying you should use this one and I am sure there are many versions of this idea out there on the internet. What I would say is cut down on the amount you are buying. Ask yourself is it something they would want or need? If you can’t answer that with a yes then don’t buy it.

Secret Santa

This is great for larger families, the last thing a small budget needs is 20+ people to buy for. Suggest a secret Santa this year with all or some of your family and friends, it will give you the chance to buy one thoughtful present but with the added bonus of saving you time and money.

Fill a stocking

Filling a stocking for a loved one could be great for you budget but they still get the fun of opening several presents. My husband and I do this every year for each other, its fun you have to use a bit of imagination but it saves us a lot as we keep it to a small budget. That is not to say we fill the stocking full of rubbish we generally go for one larger present (example small bottle of perfume) and then a few smaller presents (examples books, chocolates, or a little game).


You will be surprised how much you will save if you just write it all down. Write a list of everyone you plan to buy or make a present for and based on your Christmas budget allocate and approx amount next to each person. You will become a lot more aware of what you are spending and that can save you more than you think.

Get shopping:

Look Around

Checking prices out can be a lot quicker than you think. Search for the product is a great start, as it will list some of the shops that sell the gift and the price. Then if you have favourite stores or vouchers that you want to use check their websites to. Remember to add any delivery costs or check if they have click and collect. Saving a £1 or 2 per present may not seem a lot for one present but it could result in a large saving overall.


If you don’t have time to look around for prices online  or just prefer to go shopping. See what offers the store has, 3 for 2’s are everywhere. Look at your list and see what you can group together to take advantage of offers. Keep this in mind for wrapping paper and gift bags etc.


There are many cashback apps for shopping both online and when out shopping. This is not going to save you money in your Christmas budget however it will payback in January (approx depending on the cashback site/app) and what a great start to the year that would be.

What ways are you saving this year?

Save money this Christmas with these handy hints tips to buying presents. Helping you stay on budget.



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