November Challenge – Week 2

This month we are making over the girls bedroom, if you missed week one click on this link below.

Week 1

This Week

I have been a lot busier with this room than I thought. We dismantled the old drawers and wardrobe to make room for the new one we brought from Ikea. This was the largest purchase of the room so far but it was worth it as it has already made such a difference.

canva-photo-editor (21).png
Tip build Ikea furniture alone where possible.

We picked up this rug from Amazon which has now decided the theme of the room. We wanted a room that could grow with the girls and they have such different tastes we wanted it to be enjoyed by both of them.


Kit for Kids Unisex Rug Multi Colour, Polka Dot (affiliate link)

I have personalised the boxes for the wardrobe with their initials, this took longer to sew then I thought but looks great so I am glad I did it.

canva-photo-editor (22)

My eldest daughter has a white bed from Ikea (see here in week 1) and we wanted another but to buy new would not be in the budget we set. So I went to Ebay and got bidding, my husband will be picking up the frame in the coming week as we won with a bid of £25 (can you believe that?).

We are yet to sell our final item (pram), it went unsold so I put it up for sale again. However we did get interest for someone wanting to ‘buy now’ but they completely messed us around and that never went through. Someone has now bid on the pram so it will sell but for how much I am not sure.

Spent so far

We had £170

  • Wardrobe including storage boxes and extra coat hangers £99
  • Rug £18
  • Paint £5
  • Bed frame £25

Remaining £23 (plus the sale of the final item)

Next week

Until we receive payment for the last item I won’t be purchasing anything else. So my main focus this week will be painting colourful dots on to the wall. This is going to take some time so I am aiming for a little each day. I also have a couple of holes to fill and repaint that will be done to this week.


So far the room makeover is going well, I am really hoping to stay with in the budget that was set by selling stuff last month but I will find out in the next few days when this last item sells.




Disclosure: This post does contain and affiliate link click here for more information.


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