November Challenge – Week 3

This month we are making over the girls bedroom, if you missed the last couple of weeks click on this links below:

Week 1

Week 2

This Week

Last week I said that my main focus would be painting the colourful dots on to the wall and I have done the majority of them with a few left needing a second coat. Really happy with this progress as I was doing it in very small stages (when the girls haven’t noticed that I have popped up stairs for five minutes). Here is where I was Wednesday:

canva-photo-editor (23)

We picked up the bed frame, really pleased we brought it off Ebay as it is in great condition so we saved a fortune. We do need a mattress for this so it has not been put up yet.

One thing that slowed us down slightly was the sale of our last item. I said last week that I knew it had sold, I was just unsure how much as the auction had not finished. It did sell on Friday but on Sunday we were told by the buyer they could no longer purchase the pram (second time this has happened). We have now decided to keep this pram because the other pram we were using started leaking last week. We have returned the pram  and are getting a full refund for it as it was under warranty and plan to use that money towards the room instead. So we now have an extra £99.



Spent so far

Started with £170

  • Wardrobe including storage boxes and extra coat hangers -£99
  • Rug -£18
  • Paint -£5
  • Bed frame -£25

Last week £23 remaining

  • Return of pram +£99
  • Nothing spent this week

Remaining £122

Next week

I need to buy a new mattress and duvet etc for the bed frame we brough, the cot bed mattress does not fit. This will also mean however that we do have the moving in to a big girl bed moment which will either go extremely well or we will have the 100 times out of bed just because she can, so wish us luck. I would also like to get one set of cube storage so that they have a box each for their ‘special’ toys. This storage box will also become a seat that we can sit on while reading bed time stories.

I am enjoying the room makeover. I am not sure that I will get everything for £122 we have left as from my workings I think I wouldn’t get curtains in that, but I will try.

Until next week….





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