She turned 3


Let me tell you about this little girl. She is my mini me, I used to always laugh at my husband and son as they are so a like but Isla could not be anymore me if she tried. That is obviously a good and bad thing as she has all the things I am very proud of about myself like learning things is very easy or that she will keep trying and never gives up or when she truly cares for someone she looks after them. But she also has some of my harder traits (I am not saying flaws but some may call them that)  like she is an introvert and that can come across as rude at first meeting her or that she is always right always.

At 3 she IS (she is always right) a princess and princesses wear dresses so that is her uniform of choice. One thing we are not a like in as I live in jeans and if I ask her to put on jeans she looks at me like I just swore. She loves pink and anything that sparkles and if you can find both especially in clothes WOW you would make her day.

She started preschool today and she has been very excited about this for some time, as I mention learning does come quite easy so she has been ready for a while and she has just stepped in there as though she has been there for months. It is a very small nursery which is why she has confidence and why being an introvert has not impacted her.

She is about to start swimming lessons where the parent is no longer in the water. Now don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to sit down with a coffee while I watch her swim but it’s another thing that just says ‘I am not little any more’. She also wants to start ballet. She is currently talking daily about this and showing us just how good she is with her little ballet dances she wants us to watch, we are looking at classes after Christmas she has said I am allowed to watch but not join in (where has my baby gone?).

Her Birthday

We generally go out as a family for our children’s birthday. We know that we will be going somewhere so budget for it throughout the year. We won’t know exact costs when we plan the year because we allow them to pick where we go, so we go for an approximate amount and ensure if we need a little more we budget it into their birthday month. Her choice was an indoor play area, there are many around so we went to a family favourite The Riverside Hub, we followed it with lunch and a Christmas light switch on. We had a great day, everyone had such fun and it was the first year you could tell she felt her birthday was a big day.



So what did she ask for :

  • A sparkly dress
  • A scooter
  • That her presents are wrapped in different coloured paper

That’s has been honestly it, there has been a request for other clothes as she walks passed them or a bright pink toy if we happen to go down the toy aisle but they never last and her only continuous requests have been the above.

We have brought her what she asked for along with a couple of dress up outfits (check out B&M great prices) as she loves them. My son (with his own money) has brought her some dress up shoes. We also knew she would get lots of things from other family members, those that asked us for ideas we asked for craft items or things to go with other items she already has. But we knew she would feel amazing just getting those couple of items she has asked for.

I can’t wait to see her grow over the next year.

Happy Birthday Isla x





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