November Week 4

This month we are making over the girls bedroom, if you missed the last couple of weeks click on this links below:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

This Week

This week has been a bit of a slow week, not great as I now only have one week left. We had a very busy weekend, so I didn’t get to finish all the things I had started. We did go to Ikea which was great as I brought nearly everything I had left to buy, but I always forget how exhausting it can be in that shop with two toddlers. Is it just mine or does every toddler want to not sit in the trolley but after 2 minutes of walking want to be picked up?

Spent so far

Started with £170

  • Wardrobe including storage boxes and extra coat hangers -£99
  • Rug -£18
  • Paint -£5
  • Bed frame -£25

Last week £122 remaining

  • Pillow and duvet – £10
  • Duvet covet x 2 – £14
  • Night light – £9.50
  • Storage boxes – £5.50
  • Cushion – £1
  • Storage unit – £19
  • Extendable mattress – £40

Remaining £23

Next week

The next week is about putting the whole room together, I have a lot of little bits to finish. We also have to put the bed up which will be done on Sunday, I think that will make the room feel slightly more complete. I still have curtains and a light shade to buy but with £23 it is going to be tight.

Next week I will show you how the room turned out and let you know if there is anything still to do.



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