Budget Toddler Bedroom Makeover – Before and After (November Challenge)

I challenged myself this month to complete a Toddler Bedroom makeover on a budget. My budget was £269 which came from selling items we no longer used or needed. This month we are making over the girls bedroom, if you missed the last couple of weeks click on this links below:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4




canva-photo-editor (36)


Started with £269 (£170 plus £99 from pushchair)

  • Wardrobe including storage boxes and extra coat hangers -£99
  • Rug -£18
  • Paint -£5
  • Bed frame -£25
  • Pillow and duvet – £10
  • Duvet covet x 2 – £14
  • Night light – £9.50
  • Storage boxes – £5.50
  • Cushion – £1
  • Storage unit – £19
  • Extendable mattress – £40

Last weeks total £23

  • Curtains – £18
  • Light shade – £6

Over budget by £1

My thoughts on the challenge and whats left?

I don’t think I can moan with the £1 that I was over budget as I know it could have been a lot more (A LOT). I love the room as it’s a fun little girls room right now, but it could easily grow with them with just a few pieces of furniture. As they get older I am likely to add another wardrobe and another set of toy/storage boxes so they clearly have their own space.

The girls are really happy the eldest of the two (she is 3) loves the colours and feels bigger because her room has been decorated so that is a great win. My youngest (nearly 2) enjoys being in a bed like her big brother and sister so she is extremely happy.

You will see from the pictures that the old curtains are still up and that is because they only arrived yesterday. The curtains I brought are longer than needed for two reasons, firstly they were £5 cheaper and secondly the extra material is going to be used to make cushions covers for the cushions you can see on toy storage. They are already cut and pinned so I just need to get sewing.

Look out for Decembers challenge on my Instagram page in the next day or two.




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