December Challenge – Write it all down

You may have seen from my Instagram account that this month I am writing down everything that is spent. My main reason for this is that there are a few areas in the budget that I feel is being spent on things that aren’t really needed and also our small buffer is now being used. I am continuing to spend how I normally would as I want a true reflection for when we sit down to plan our year.

Writing it down is harder than it sounds. I keep telling myself to add something in to my purse so I can write as I spend but I never do. What then happens is I have a pile of receipts that I have to go through.

What I have noticed from this weeks spending is I am not very prepared. I have always thought I was quite a planned and organised person but clearly I am not. A few examples and I am sure others can relate, I will ‘pop’ out which you can never really do with toddlers but because I won’t be long I don’t take a snack so I buy a snack when we are longer than expected. My 3-year-old has only been in pants since September so we still have the occasional accident, it is rare but it of course happened when we were out and I had no socks to put on when I had to take off her tights so of course I had to buy socks when I already have 20 pairs at least.  It does show though writing down what you spend can highlight more ways you can save money.

We have a few things planned for the weekend but they have already been planned so it will only be my spending during the week that is likely to highlight items. Hopefully I will be more planned and I learn from this week.

Let me know if you have noticed things that impact your budget in the comments below.


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