What to purchase in the sales to save through the year.

The sales can be a great time of year to stock up on many items or save you a small fortune on bigger purchases. I want to share the items I look out for and tips to ensure you pick up what is right for you.

So lets start by saying, you are not saving money if you would not buy that item full price, it does not matter how cheap it was. Don’t fill your house with rubbish as you will have to find space for that item, clean that item or around that item and ask yourself is it really worth your time? The answer is usually no so don’t spend money on items you will regret and then bin later (we have all done it). Also if the sales are not in your budget this year, you’re not saving any money going in to debt on these items.

Christmas Items

What will you need for next year? Over the month of December there may have been a few items you have noticed in your house that is either extremely worn or has been binned/recycled and you want to replace for example a Christmas tree or decorations. There are also the items you use each year with may be crackers, cards and wrapping paper. The sales after Christmas (Christmas eve in some stores) are a great place to buy these items as you really can get them at a fraction of a cost compared to waiting until next Christmas.

Children’s clothes

This is a category I usually buy in many sales through out the year. My suggestions are to look out for basics like leggings or jeans in the next size. Depending on your child you will know how much you can buy, my son I could buy his whole wardrobe because he really isn’t to bothered by clothes. One of my daughters, basics is the most I would buy as she really likes clothes and I find if I just buy them in the sale they are likely to be the clothes she never picks to wear. My biggest tips would be no characters as they may not like that character in 6 months no matter how much they love them now and not shoes unless wellington boots as you can’t tell how quick their feet will grow and shoes can be seasonal.


Christmas gift sets are a great item to look for during the sale, there are many that have a shower gel, moisturiser and sponge for a fraction of the cost. It is items like this that mean you won’t feel like you are on a tight budget as it is those added extras that are usually first to go. Make-up, if you enjoy a more expensive brand but again this is something you have had to give up look at the Christmas sets in department stores. I picked one up last year with 4 nearly full size lip crayons for £16 that’s £4 when they usually retail at full size for £10 each.


You are looking for the generic gifts the teachers presents (if you send them), children’s party presents, a few candles or a frame etc as a last-minute present. You are not looking for hundreds of presents where would you put them? So be realistic. You could also look for presents for those family members who have birthdays soon, you are likely to know what they want now so its worth seeing if you can save.

Larger house hold items

Have you been saving up for a washing machine or tv? This could be a great time to save some money. As mentioned before, if it’s not something you need this category is certainly not one to just buy and not one to go in to debt for. If however it is something you are due to buy in the next month as you do have the money, then see if you can save your self a little something. My tip would be to check the online sales first so that you can look at some reviews. These are large expenses and not one you want to rush in to buying without knowing what you are looking for.

What is your must buy item in the after Christmas sale or are you avoiding the sales this year?


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