December Challenge – Write it down

If you missed last weeks introduction to this months challenge and update click here to catch up.

Writing down everything I spend is getting no easier and more power to people who do this every month. I am sure if I committed to a longer period (which I am not), it would become a habit and the odd thing I currently miss would slowly start to get picked up.

I am noticing a lot about our spending, little things that I know I can change which is exactly what I wanted from this challenge. Firstly, my husband and I both have a little (very little) pot of money each that we withdraw as cash and use for whatever we want, no questions. For me there is a fairly sized portion of my money spent on coffee, I do not have coffee every day possibly once and sometime twice a week but when you have at least two children in tow if not three it is not a cheap trip. This is going to stop, I am going to half this and make this twice a month from January.

Secondly, I started online shopping a few months back as taking to small children was becoming a little difficult. I thought it was going so well (if you click here you will see my food shop challenge when it was going very well) as I would pick up my food shopping between the morning nursery drop off and school drop off so by 9am. I had two children dropped off and my full food shop in the back of the car (it’s as amazing as it sounds). What I would say is we are easily however spending an extra £20 a week in the last month or so.  Doesn’t sound a lot but that is £1040 a year and that right there is next years holiday being eaten away, literally! The reason for this is, is a few things. We miss things off as you don’t see the aisles like you do in a shop and also substitutes seem to happen more and more and not all of them would be something we want. So we then do one of two things either pop to the corner shop which is much more expensive or we go to a larger supermarket and pick the item we need plus 10 others we happen to remember on the way to the till. Tomorrow I am going to the supermarket to do my food shopping and hoping to see the change back only buying food once a week.

If I keep noticing bits of the budget that we can get more from 2018 goals will become more real.



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