She turns 2 today

My youngest and last baby turns two today! She is loud (extremely), adventurous and a wild child all wrapped up in to a butter wouldn’t melt bundle of cuteness.

This beautiful photo of Émilie was taken by a friend during Forest School click here to visit her page.

We knew we would have at least three, we didn’t realise three would also mean me becoming a stay at home mum as our second and third are only thirteen months apart, childcare was going to cost too much. Money may have been tighter, but I won’t change the fun I have had. She is probably a big reason this blog came to be as living on a budget became so much more important.

Her world right now is her baby doll. The baby goes everywhere, she sleeps with her baby, takes baby around the house all day and packs baby in her bag when leaving the house to ensure it is never to far away.  If you notice I never say her dolls name and that is because even though they are inseparable it does not have a name, it is just baby (how a two-year old’s mind works).

The Lego we have was brought for my son when he was 1 (he is 7), he has never really played with it. We kept it knowing we would have more children and then again our second is not overly interested but Émilie can sit for so long playing and building with the Lego. Her current favourite is building trains and  towers, the bigger the better of course.

I have never had such a love hate relationship as I do with Peppa Pig, Émilie’s relationship however has no hate not and ounce. She isn’t actually the biggest TV watcher she likes the noise of the TV but is usually playing while it is on. If she does ask for a program however it is always Peppa so hoping this one changes soon.

She has never known not having a brother and sister and she certainly looks up to them. She always talks about them when they are at school/nursery and always wants them involved when they are home. Even with all that sibling love she is also the one that is likely to shout at them and to give them a good push if she is not happy,  she is making sure they know in no uncertain terms she maybe the youngest but she is no baby.

I think it’s important with your third (and more) to stop and watch. I am of course not saying you shouldn’t for the others but I have certainly found you can easily miss new things because you are so busy and because you have already seen them from the elders. It was nice sitting down to write this post as it meant I truly got to she this growing little girl before I blink and she becomes a lady.

Happy Birthday Émilie x


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