My Need for Simplicity

Life can be hard without us adding more on top of it. I feel like my whole adult life I have just added more, more items, more activities, more pressure and the list could go on. I remember getting a promotion at work and within months of starting the new job we were looking at bigger houses with a bigger mortgage. Also the minute my son got old enough for sports clubs he was in three within a blink of an eye. I open my planner and if it is not full of things to do, I am filling those times with something; yet at the end of the week I sit with my husband and will say ‘I am exhausted I have not had a minute to breathe this week’. Over the last couple of months however I have really started to feel a little overwhelmed by it all and it feels like I am so busy with ‘everything’ that I have forgotten why I became a stay at home mum in the first place. This is not a monthly challenge this is a habit changer and I want to share on my blog what I learn along the way, steps I am taking, tips I have learnt and resources that have really worked for me.

My Plans to Simplify

So here are a few areas I am working on, I am sure as I start to see improvements I will want more but I am happy to see how this goes.

  • Declutter – Our household items. I don’t aim to be a minimalist, I am looking to live simple and more intentional.
  • Organise – This goes hand in hand with declutter.
  • Schedule – I do enjoy a schedule but I would like more room in it for down time, me time, family time. I want to stop saying ‘in a minute I just need to do…’
  • Reduce technology – This is to include phones, TV and tablets for all of us.

Decluttering and Organising the Home

This is my first focus, as it is probably to biggest task. I have looked at many decluttering challenges and books to find what I would feel as an easy way of going through our whole house. I have just started A bowl full of lemons 14 week challenge it’s a free challenge going through your whole home decluttering and organising.

Resources I will using for inspiration

I am a very visual person so books really help me I have linked a couple I will be using during the first part of my journey (affiliate links). I will also be using blogs that I may find, which I will share when I do and I will Pinterest my heart out so to see my inspiration follow by boards here.

I am not sure how long the initial declutter and simply will take, I do know however this could become a lifestyle and that I look forward to.

Have you been on this journey? What are your tips for simplifying?



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