9 Things to do this Weekend for Free

When writing this it is getting towards the end of January, saying money is tight maybe an understatement for most households. So here are some of my favourite activities to do as a family for free:

great outdoors

Movie Night

If like us, some of your weekend is filled by swimming or other sports you may not be looking for much else to do through the day but to complete a lovely weekend a movie night may just be perfect. A movie night (late afternoon if you have toddlers) may become a regular family tradition, take turns to pick the movie so that there are no arguments. Remember this does not need to be anything fancy it is more about spending time together. Put down the phones, it maybe a children’s film you end up watching but that does not mean you should spend half the time scrolling social media. Popcorn if you have it, if not don’t worry about it go with whatever snack you have.


Fill up the thermos flask that’s hidden in the back of your cupboard and go for a walk. It is as simple as that. Maybe you have a favourite walk or a local forest you could visit. You could also just walk out you house and allow you children to pick the directions you walk, it will make a walk a lot more fun and it also will mean they are likely to walk past a park so they will be extra happy. Added bonus they have spent an hour or so not wanting the TV on.


Go and lose yourself in books, there is always a list I have that I want to read so I try to find as many as I can in a library. But go and pick up a few and let the children bring some home to not only will you have a quiet journey home but bedtime story is already picked.

Finally Write that Maintenance List

I am not sure about you but the amount of projects we have started and never quite finished or we know should be done but there are so many other things to get done first. Where do we start? Well write it all down, go around you home and write down everything you need to do. Yes the list may be a long one but it will allow you to save for the bigger projects and possibly get a few smaller ones done straight away. We all know crossing/ticking of a to-do list is amazing.

Board Games

We personally have a cupboard full of board games as our eldest loves them so we often have them as presents but quite honestly a pack of cards would do. Put away the phones and enjoy a game or two. We actually did this as a date night recently, it was a lot of fun and that is not just because I won (my husband is very competitive so it made the win so much sweeter).

Visit a Free Museum or Gallery

There are many that are free and even more that on occasion have free open days. So take a look what is near by and explore. My sons favourite is a car museum near us he would go every school holiday if he could, so if you find a good one you could have many free/cheap days out to come.


The activity of finding a geocache itself is free. The small cost comes from the possible purchase of something to put in the box (optional) but to keep it free I am sure you are likely to have many small toys that are never used so they would be prefect. The link to the geocache website is here to find out more.

Indoor Picnic

In this very cold weather you may not want to be outdoors all day but who says you can’t have a picnic. Lay a blanket on the floor in you lounge/family room. A simple sandwich and a packet of crisps on a blanket is a whole world of fun for your children because who doesn’t enjoy a picnic.

Write a Bucket List

You maybe trying not to spend this weekend for many reasons, saving for something, paying off debt or money is just to tight this month. Spend half an hour with your family writing a bucket list. You will find there are many items on it that are possibly free or if not then extremely cheap. You will also find you have activities for every school holiday this year which is a bonus and it will give you time to save for any that would not just fit in to your normal monthly budget.

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