Tracking the Pennies can save the Pounds – FREE Expense Tracker

As a spender, you can easily justify why you need to buy something when you are in the shop. But you also know when you start seeing what you have brought over the month it is slightly shocking. I know this because it was me a few years ago, we were starting a budget. ‘I have no idea where I am spending money as I rarely buy anything’ was a common sentence in our house. So lets write it down, lets track out expenses and lets take accountability of what we spend our money on. By doing this we can start telling our money what to do, rather than be dictated by it.

I am a firm believer that small steps can achieve great things or as the title says tracking pennies can save the pounds. So if writing everything you spend down seems like a daunting task, start a lot smaller with one area of spending for example clothes or the small shopping trips (the ones where you go in for bread but come out spending £20).

I have created a free printable for you to start tracking your spending. Whether you are tightening your budget, saving for a holiday or just trying to get a hold of your budget this could really help.

Expense blog pic

Tip: Choose to print two to a page so that it comes out A5 that way you could fold it easily and carry it in your purse. Write it down as soon as you spend to get a more realistic and honest spending tracker.

Happy tracking



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