Family Life, New Job, Nursery and a Slight Change to the Budget…

This is going to be a new monthly post where I will update on what is going on in life. I have been writing tips, tricks and projects I am completing for a few months now but I feel other than my about me page there isn’t much about family life on here. All my tips come from my family life, either ways I have learnt to save or something I am learning to do right now, so I want to share more about us as a family so that you get to know us a little better.

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My husband has a new job which is great, when he finished University last year he struggled finding jobs he ‘wanted’ as he would get the interview but he would always be told he needed more experience. So he took a job that would give him just that as six months later he started to apply for jobs and a week later he had two interviews and a job offer. It’s a slight pay rise (yeesss) but our budget is still very small so this isn’t going to complete our emergency fund, so we still need to work at that but it is still great.

My youngest has started nursery three mornings a week. At home she is our loudest and most confident little girl at home, so I never expected here to be so upset by it all. Her sister has been going for about a year and her brother has been going to school since before she was born so she knows that you go and mummy comes back but it seems like her worry is just that I won’t come back! I know this is a good move, she is going to get so much out of this and she still gets a morning alone with me but her sister now also gets a morning on her own with me and her brother gets time alone with me. I am no doubt already a better mum for the two mornings I currently get alone, I am calmer and certainly have more patience. I am currently trying to start earning so I am probably more busy during those mornings but I have not felt so productive in such a long time and it is just what I need.

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We have a cash envelope system and for the most part it really does work, we plan our whole year and budget the month accordingly. What hasn’t worked for us though is that we would forget envelopes and I would then borrow from one until I get home, which just got confusing. I tried the clip system (similar to the envelopes but you carry your clips together in your purse/wallet) but I just felt I was carrying too much money. This month we have merged several envelopes and just classed as other, this covers clothes, days out, bits for the house, general week to week. I have then split it weekly to ensure it has lasted. This is the first month so we are only at the start but so far it has worked really well.

We are only in January and 2018 is feeling a little slow. I think this is because we are yet to book a holiday for the year. We are not the family that look forward to the holiday for 6 months to then look back on the holiday for the next 6 months but we do appreciate what a holiday can bring, rest time, family time, no TV or WiFi (amazing), simple living. We have been on a tight budget for a few years now so our holidays are usually camping and possibly a small hotel stay in the UK, so we are not talking crazy costs and I do search for a bargain where I can. I believe the delay is because we want to save for our emergency fund so we have been putting it off to see what happens. But how long do you wait to see? We are thinking of doing a few 4 day weekends rather than a two week holiday to keep costs even lower. I will let you know how I get on trying to find our first one.



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