9 Valentines Day Ideas on a Budget

A day to celebrate loved ones can become very expensive.

Valentines day should be a day to share with loved ones and it really doesn’t have to cost a penny. I truly believe that Valentines day is not a holiday for presents but a holiday for quality time, it is a holiday to make you stop and breathe for a minute and remember who is important to you.

Let me start by sharing what we will be doing, I am not doing this to show you I can fit it in my budget but to show you just how it can fit in and not cost you anything more. On the 14th we will be having a special meal with our children, I will pick something extra special but we do want to share what this holiday is all about with them. The meal itself will come out of my regular food budget so no extra cost, one small thing I am buying is three little heart chocolate lollies for the children but again this will come from our food budget. My husband and I have planned a date night for the Friday, it will be at home but we won’t have our phones and it will possibly be a movie night and a takeaway (we budget £10 for dates and again will add it to our food budget). You may not think it is very romantic but if my husband puts the children to bed and then I don’t have to cook that there is my love language.

There is nothing wrong with buying gifts or a great date so you need to find what works for you. Here are a few of my suggestions for celebrating the day on a budget:


Valentines day 3

A card with real thought

A card can cost very little but mean an awful lot. You can find one that looks amazing that you know your partner will enjoy. You could find one that is blank inside so that you can tell your partner just how you feel. But you could also go all out and raid the craft cupboard and make your own, no it may not be perfect but it will be thoughtful.

Flowers and chocolate 

Don’t get me wrong the large, beautiful bouquets are amazing and if it’s in your budget then great. If not why not pick the flower your partner truly loves, so for me its tulips and a bunch of tulips are about £4 from the supermarket so a lot cheaper. Again with the chocolates, supermarkets fill their seasonal aisle with all these fancy chocolates but if your partner would much prefer the larger bar of Dairy Milk and it is currently on offer then buy the bar of chocolate.

Something you know they actually want 

For this setting a limit is important. Listen to what they have been wanting, a book they have been talking about, skincare they have wanted but never buy themselves, a DVD you both wished you had seen in the cinema or the latest album from their favourite band. They may like all of those so this is why a limit is important.

Spa evening at home

A facemask (£1), nail polish (£4), massage (free). This can be a lot of fun and like the day suggests really romantic.

A future date / quality time

If dates are few and far between why not make a voucher for a date or two that over dinner you can put in to the calendars and know that this valentines day your quality time is going to last further through this year.


Valentines day 2

Set menu

Always cheaper than the regular menu and most places put on a valentines menu to make it that little bit special. To make it slightly cheaper look for a larger chain restaurant you may not get exactly the same atmosphere but it will still be just as special.

Use vouchers

If you have restaurant vouchers why not use them up now. You may not be able to use them with the set menus (check your vouchers) but if you have enough to cover your whole meal it could be a free night out.

Have a date after the 14th

Does it need to be the 14th? Could you do it just before or after? It can be cheaper and also a lot less busy which I personally would prefer.

If staying in turn off your phone

It maybe the spa night, movie night or a game night that you are enjoying but put your phone away! We spend so much of our week with the world in our hands, I think for one evening you can put it away.

What are your plans this year for Valentines day?


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