8 Ideas to Make Extra Money

Sometimes the household income just isn’t enough. Whether you are paying off debt, saving for the holiday you haven’t had for so long or just have a goal you want to reach adding some extra income maybe what your budget needs right now. Here are a few money making ideas for you:


This can of course vary from company to company but keep an eye out for what is available. Whether it is one day a month or an extra hour a few shifts a week it will make a nice difference to you payday.


Do you shop online? Cashback sites can be great to get a little back for something you were already buying. It may feel like pennies when you look at one shop however add it to all the other shopping you do over the course of the year and you have a nice amount for very little effort. My favourite site to use for cashback because of the amount of sites they are working with and ease of use is Topcashback.co.uk (this is a referral link).

Rent Your Drive

Do you live near a stadium, airport, train station or somewhere that is a big visitor attraction? Could you rent a space on your drive for the hour or a day? This could be a great way to earn a little, it may not be regular income depending on your location but for an empty space on your drive that currently does nothing this maybe a great choice.

Rent Your Home

Could something like Airbnb be an option for you? Could you rent out your home or room to others? If you are someone who is away often whether for work or holiday this could be a nice little money earner for you.

Sell your stuff

We all have too much stuff, I did a challenge last year to sell items and it paid to decorate my daughters’ bedroom. My suggestions is to have a box in either a room you don’t use or a cupboard (under the stairs), as you come across things to sell add them to the box. Once a week or month, photo and add to sites like Ebay or your local Facebook selling pages. By doing it once a week/month it will save you many trips to the Post Office when your items sell.

Animal Sitting

Are you an animal lover? Do you have room for a pet for the weekend or a week in your home? This could be an nice little earner and one you can control by looking at what weekends/weeks suit you before advertising. You also get to enjoy a furry friend for a short period of time which is a great win.

Online survey sites

There are many posts about making money answering surveys, you can read articles of people earning some lovely money on a monthly basis. It is all about the time you can put into it. If this is extra money you may be able to answers surveys one evening a week, which depending on survey cold bring up in a nice voucher (usually the best way to take your earnings) each month. I have just started using Swagbucks  (referral link), I enjoy that you can do little surveys as not every week I can commit to an evening so the odd minute here and there works for me. I also enjoy you can earn on this site from cashback and even internet browsing.

Mystery shopping

This is my next venture. If you have ever worked in retail or hospitality you are likely to have heard of mystery shoppers and someone has to be them so why not you? From food shopping to meals out and more there are many sites to work with for this. Again like all the above how much you earn does depend on what you put into it but even if once a month it helps pay for a meal out or part of your food shopping this is a winner.

Happy money making!


Disclaimer – this post contains referral links where I will earn referral points if you sign up. This does not change anything for you. To read my full disclaimer please read here.


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