Spring Bucket List – Printable

As the last of the snow has hopefully finished falling and with flowers showing spring is here. I thought I would share our families spring bucket list with you. This is a list of things that as a family we are looking to do over the next 3 or so months, which I thought you may also want for inspiration.

The idea of this list is to fill our lives with memories rather than things. By writing a list in advance it will ensure you can work it in to your budget no matter how small it is. I really do believe the sky is the limit and your budget is not what holds you back but how you use it. 

2 Page Spring Bucket List Printable (1)


You really can make the items on this list fit your budget here are some examples from the list to show you how I would change things:

Easter egg hunt – You could go to an arranged Easter egg hunt like those at the National trust and make a day out of it. You could on the other hand make you own hunt, the other year I hid my eldest sons Easter egg and had him search clues around the house and garden he had so much fun and an egg can cost about 80p.

Random act of kindness – This could be something as simple as making a call, to someone you know who could just do with someone to listen to them. Or a coffee for the homeless man you pass everyday in town. My children are doing something extremely simple but last week they were asked to make a nursery rhyme spoon for Chatters Matters week so we are made an extra spoon for the a child that didn’t get to make one.

Enjoy an afternoon in your garden – maybe like us your garden is this years project and so money will be spent or maybe like what I would prefer to be doing is to pull up a chair and enjoy a great book while the children play.

Fly a kite – if you are lucky enough to have a nice fancy kite, go fly it! But if not a £2 kite will fly and will be just as much fun. You also don’t need one per child pick a generic kite so that they happily share.


What are you families favourite activities?

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