Budget Garden Project

When we moved house nearly 6 years ago we doubled our house size along with our mortgage. On top of that we were trying to save a little each month as we were also planning to have our second child. We have had a lot to do in this house and have been keen not to use a credit card to pay for it, so it has taken a little longer than we sometimes wanted. This house is still a work in progress but thanks to my love of Ikea our house works for right now. There is however one area of our home that we have never got to, our garden. It is a decent size and is covered in grass so like our house it has worked however I would now like a garden that I want to sit in all summer, I would like to be a person that moans about the English weather because I want to be out there in my beautiful garden. So our budget garden project begins…

I don’t have a before picture as my husband is not yet got used to me writing a blog so didn’t realise I may like a picture. I cannot complain however as he did most of the digging for the flower bed which is something I have tried to start but never got momentum. So I will share some of this weeks progress photos at the bottom.

What we want from this garden project:

I would like a little pretty (flowers) – We are going for some evergreen tall plants for the very back with a few seasonal seeds planted as I want the children to experience growing flowers.

Down the right hand side we are planning to keep it for playing. Our neighbours garage is a wall in our garden which for a young boy is a perfect goal so that is what it will be. He is also really keen on cricket so we are going to look at what could be good for him to practice batting etc. For the young girls we have a wooden sandpit which we plan to move over there. I am also looking for a plastic tub to fit in it as we found the ground sheet that came with the sandpit did not stop the slugs. We are also making a giant chalk board to just enjoy writing or playing games.

On the left hand side we are going to lay more slabs to make it a big enough area to sit and eat. This spring/summer we plan to have the slabs down, but we plan to wait until the summer sales for the seating and a barbecue. This year we will put up with our camping equipment in its place as eating outside, is eating outside no matter what chairs and table it is.

I want to grow a few herbs and vegetables, the actual growing may again be next year as we probably should have started already. I would like to find what we will be growing and planters we will be using.


We haven’t set a final figure for the garden, our plan is to fund it by selling items (currently decluttering our home see here) and a small amount will be budgeted for each month. When we do larger projects we usually plan what we aim to do that month for example the plants. We look at what we have from selling, monthly budget and I have vouchers. We then aim to only spend that amount and we will base our choices on what we can afford. When I say aim it is because if it really isn’t do able in our budget we will spend more but we will only do this by either selling more or waiting for next month.

Progress so far:

Just a couple of photos to show how we got started.

budget garden

As you can see we have started to dig out a flower bed. Looking at the picture our fence also needs touching up.

garden project

This is an example of them ‘helping’ in the garden!


I will update as and when we make larger changes that I think will help and give inspiration. If you want to see how we get on head over here to subscribe to my email list and you will be the first to hear.


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