25 Frugal Living Tips You Should Try This Year!

Looking at areas of yoOne great way to save money or live more intentionally is to be more frugal. Frugal to me means making smart choices. ur life to see where you can make smarter choices to in turn save you money and possibly time. Here are 25 tips to get you started:

  1. Meal Plan – By having a plan your meals you won’t be popping back to the shop for things you forget and we all know the minute we ‘pop’ in to the supermarket we never just get 1 item. I have written a post on meal planning so for further details click here.
  2. Buy what is in season – Fruit and veg all have their season, take advance of this by basing you meals and snacks around seasonal veg. An example of this is nectarines during the winter months they can be around £3 for 4 or 5 yet in spring summer they can be as cheap as 89p.
  3. Freeze left of fruit and veg – this not only saves money but time (also very valuable). Whether this is seasonal fruit that you cut and freeze to make in to desserts through the winter or vegetables that you meal prep and then freeze to make a meal quick and conveniently.
  4. When buying your regular products, if they are on offer buy an extra two – I am not a believer in stockpiling every item you can find cheaply as unless you are giving it to great causes you are likely to be throwing a lot out of date. But for the regular store cupboard items that you use often, so for us things like tinned tomatoes, stock cubes, cereal and cereal bars are to name a few; when buying one and seeing it is on offer buy an extra two eventually you regular items will only ever be brought at a cheaper price.
  5. Cook from scratch – Meals do not need to be fancy so this is not a big thing. But cutting out just one meal out whether that is a big family meal or picking up a pizza on the way home it could save you a lot.
  6. Make use of leftovers – bulk up meals with extra vegetables/beans/lentils you will find you could either cut out having to make a lunch the next day or even be able to feed your whole family for a second day. If you don’t like eating the same meals again and again then freeze your left overs for next week.
  7. Always take a packed lunch – prepare the evening before so you are not rushed in the morning but this can be a big saving. ADD
  8. Reuse glass jars – Wash out any glass jars you may get from food and reuse them they will ensure food is airtight (lasts longer) and saves money on mason jars if they are something you buy often for storage.
  9. Money Jar – We started one of these last year and it is just a pot that my husband an I throw our loose change in to at the end of the week. You can choose which coins work for you maybe it is just every bit of change at the end of the week or maybe it is just the very small change either way it adds up.
  10. Repair before throwing and buying new – Learn new skills from books and videos whether it is repairing a cupboard, changing a car bulb or fixing a hem on an item of clothing. Start small however as by jumping in to larger products could end up costing you more.
  11. Create a wish list – Before buying anything add it to a wish list. If you still want/need it in a few days or a week then it is an item that is likely to add value to you life however in most cases you will realise you don’t need it at all. If you have many items you want to save them on your wishlist and when people ask for birthdays and Christmas what you would like you have items you can ask for.
  12. When buying online use cash back sites – If you are a regular shopper online it could benefit you to open a cash back site to search through before buying as 2 or 3% back on each purchase could soon add up. One of my favourites is Topcashback.co.uk (this is a referral link)
  13. Buy second-hand – So much of what we buy is only used for certain periods of our life, baby items, children’s toys and clothes are great examples. Buying second-hand for items that other people only used for a short time means you are getting great items for a very small cost. I am all for cute childrens clothes but when this years summer dress won’t fit next year do you really want to be paying a lot?
  14. Find free or cheap activities – Look around for activities in your local area through adverts both online and through local newspapers/magazines.
  15. Make use of the library for books and DVDs – A great resource especially for school books or hobbies. If you read a lot this is a great way to read all the books you want without it costing too much.
  16. Have no spend weekends or weeks – enjoy a simpler weekend without worrying about the amount you spent. Allowing you to save for the bigger days or weeks adventures you are dreaming about.
  17. Date nights in – Date nights can get expensive so why not stay in? Make a new meal together, turn off your phone and pull out a board game.
  18. Trade babysitting – When going out of dates to save some cost trade babysitting with friends maybe they babysit one weekend a month and you do another. This will not only mean both couples can go out but your both saving a little money.
  19. Cancel your gym membership – If this is a large expense to you and/or you are hardly using it (be honest) then cancel it. Look at other ways to exercise, whether its running, YouTube or one of the many fitness DVDs you have brought and hardly used it will save you a small fortune.
  20. Just because you can upgrade your phone doesn’t mean you should –  We all enjoy new phones but how many of them do that much more than the last? Also if your phone is working perfectly well why are you upgrading?
  21. Washing line – A tumble dryer can be a bigger than expected expensive if you have a large family so take advance of the weather when possible and hang your washing outside.
  22. Reduce the amount of single use products you use in your home – Single use items can be very convenient. Kitchen towels, paper plates, plastic cutlery, cleaning wipes are to name but a few but they do all have other options that will in the long run save you money and help with the environment.
  23. Remember cheap does not mean frugal – shop for the best price for the item you are looking for. Look at quality and reviews as you will only end up paying more if you have to replace.
  24. Track you expenses – Learn where your money is going so you can see where you are spending more than intended. I have created an expense tracker to print click here to view.
  25. Think before you spend – This for me is the biggest tip. Really decide if it is a want or a need and consider if this is going to be used often bring value to your life.

Will you be trying any of these frugal tips? Comment below!


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