Simple living update

So a few months ago I blogged about my need to simplify my life, click here to read the full post. In the post I talked about how there is four areas I am going to start with on this journey, these were declutter, organise, schedule and reducing technology. I am still very much in the decluttering stage but what a difference this has made so far.

The decluttering is going well but I am starting to realise it is a never ending process, things that are useful to you or your family now may not be in a year or two. A lot of the things we are donating, selling or throwing away are things that were useful at some point but we held on to them for no other reason than just in case. We have two big areas left to declutter our bedroom and the garage but there are still lots of little pockets around the house I want to still go through for example to craft cupboard, as currently we could supply a craft shop with paint. One thing I do need to get better at is getting the donated items out of the house, for example I have a bag of old shoes we are donating that have been ready to go for about a month but it never leaves the house.

I have not yet started to work on organisation but I do have a wishlist on Amazon of products I think would work well. My plan is to wait until I feel like the big declutter is complete before purchasing as they may not work by the time I have finished.


Reducing technology is certainly the last on my list but one small step I have taken is to turn off all push notification including messages to stop the distractions. Calls are on loud as if it is an emergency someone would call not message. It has certainly helped and also made me more conscious of how much time I am spending on my phone, I still spend way to much time on it but I am starting to notice a difference. We are also the people with the bad habit of charging our phones in the bedroom and this is a change I have made recently, so that they are now charged in another room. It’s surprised me how much I used my phone before bed and when getting ready in the morning.


I have noticed I am starting to have snippets of more time not huge but a chapter of a book or room to exercise and it feels amazing. I do enjoy a full schedule so this is a hard one for me but what I do know is since having children and filling my schedule for them I have certainly not been looking after myself and that’s what I need to realise when trying to get more time.

I do think these four steps are going to take a while before I feel like I am living more simply, but if you have ever thought of doing it but unsure I can honestly say that from just the changes so far it is well worth it.


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