Number 1 Tip For Saving Money On Days Out!

Don’t take the whole family! Crazy as that may sound, big days out can cost the price of a weekend camping holiday if you’re not careful and I know which one I would prefer. I am certainly not saying don’t have day trips as a family but look for cheaper alternatives for the days you are all together, see here or here for a number suggestions.

By just going with one child (or a couple for the much larger families), not only are you saving a small fortune but you get some quality time your child craves.


Over the last couple of months my husband and I have been taking it in turns to take one of our children on an outing, which has been a huge success they are all very excited for their turn to arrive but it is saving us a lot of money compared to previous months. This past weekend I took one of my daughters to a safari, she has been talking about going to one for the last six months so you can imagine the excitement she had when I finally told her where we were going.


Aside from money, only having one child with you gains you great quality time. For once we managed to do everything that this little girl could find, after she so carefully checked out the map of this exciting day. She got to sit at the front during the safari which was a huge thing for her. She got to go on every ride she asked to go on because we had the time, I wasn’t having to visit the toilet for the one hundredth time because even though they were asked do they need the toilet on the last toilet trip they now do in fact need to go!


Icecream and extra activities can also become so expensive when you go as a whole family or they maybe something you just have to say no to but when there is only two of you it all becomes special treats. Face painting alone would have cost us £12 add on approx £15 on Icecream and those two items alone could take my family on a couple of cheap days out but with just two of us we spent £8 all day (in addition to our online booking).


I am in no way saying that this day was a cheap day out, as I am sure you have all looked at the prices of many zoo’s, safari’s or any larger activity day out but it certainly becomes more affordable. To make this as affordable as you can, ensure it is in your budget that month that way you won’t (shouldn’t) over spend. Also it will mean you are planning the trip ahead of time, which then means where possible you are booking online to save (we saved £28 by booking online), and don’t forget the extras like the icecream and the face-painting if you can afford it in your budget as they may just add a little magic to an already special day.

Let me know your number 1 tip for days out in the comments below!

The number 1 tip for saving money on family days out. Family trips on a budget while gaining quality time.


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