5 Things I am doing to prepare for Christmas Now!

Christmas is six months away! You may think I am crazy for discussing Christmas already, but by preparing now you are less likely to go in to debt and what better Christmas present to yourself is that!

We have two main aims for our Christmas this year, simplify and experience. We are aiming to simplify our Christmas as much as we really can this year both with all the preparation and with the day itself to just enjoy it all. Experience will come in both the lead up to Christmas (making family traditions) and having a focus on gifting experiences where we can.


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So here is 5 things I am doing now to get ready for Christmas:

  1.  Budget Now – We are saving for Christmas each month. We have worked our Christmas budget and have split it my twelve (change to how many months you have left till Christmas) to save per month. This means we will not be reaching for a credit card because we can’t afford it all in November or December.
  2. Reward Points – Saving reward points, this is a real simple one but if you are someone like me who would happily have £2.50 taken off her shop without a thought then stop for the next 6 months and you could be looking at £20 or more. Places like Salisbury have a reward points event where you get more from your points nearer to Christmas or Tesco have a range of days out that means you get a lot more value for you money. All of these can be turned in to presents and save you more than you think.
  3. Bonus Cards – I have picked up an Asda Christmas Saver card. My plan is to add £2 every time I shop there with the hope that I will have a weeks worth of shopping for December giving us more room in the budget for other things. Christmas cards generally add a bonus if you save certain amounts so you could also gain a little extra.
  4. Book Activities Now – I am about to book 2 activities/days out. One of these is a pantomime, by booking now I will get the better of the cheaper seats saving us enough to buy ice cream in the interval.
  5. Present Planning – I have a running present lists for our children when I hear them talking about something they would want. I work on having enough for not only us but other family members if we get asked. This means our children usually get most things they have asked for but we have not brought them all.

Have you started planning for Christmas yet?



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