9 Must buys from Aldi!

We personally do not do our whole shop in Aldi for two reasons. Firstly I mainly shop online and then collect as with 3 children shopping isn’t always they funnest experience. Secondly I normally do have to visit another shop if I attempt a weekly shop in Aldi, as they do not have everything we want. However there are nine products without fail I go to Aldi for as the quality rivals top brands and the price of them beat supermarkets own brand pricing:



I like Americano style coffee and since trying coffee such as Nescafe Azera I have found I don’t like instant coffee. Nescafe Azera is however quite expensive at £5.49 (if not on offer) so I have tried many own brands to find cheaper alternatives and I believe Aldi match them on taste. You obviously don’t get the 10 other choices like you so with Nescafe Azera but this does again mean the price is so low at £2.



By far the best nappies out there, with three children we have tried most brands at some point or another. We have never once had a leak whether it be from the newborn, active or pull up styles of nappies.



These are great wipes. A few brands give our children red marks on their face if used out and about and others even if there wipes are good their packaging is awful. For me it really feels like Aldi have taken the time to think about both the wipe they are offering and the packaging they sell them in and they are a huge win on our home. They are usually only a few pence cheaper than other shop own brands but if you look out for one of their many baby events they very often sell wipes in a large multiple pack box which means they are a great price.

Cereal bars

They have many varieties that resemble a number of larger brands but my favourites are Harvest Morn Benefit that are very similar to Alpen Light’s. They as with most of Aldi’s range do not have as many flavours but Apple and Sultana would be my favourite. You are lucky if you can ever find Alpen light’s for less than £1 even on offer and they are close to double that price when not on offer. Aldi’s version are 89p.

Toilet roll

What I have found with supermarket toilet roll is that if you get an amazing price you generally get a lower quality paper (not in all cases). You may like to buy branded toilet roll and everyone has a preference I personally right now don’t like to spend a huge amount because one I am just flushing it away and two I have three small children and we go through toilet roll quicker than I would like. Aldi’s toilet roll both hits my price point and is great quality we buy the 9 pack but there is also a large pack to make the price per roll even better.


Baking items

Here I am talking about the extras like cooking chocolate, eggs, marshmellows, sugar etc for most I have noticed they are close to half the price of other shops. These items are all items I like to have stored for when you may run out of something before shopping day comes round again and means you never go without something as you can make it.

Dishwasher tablets

I personally don’t look for anything fancy with my dishwasher tablets. If they clean everything well the great and these do just that. Again as per the wipes above I mentioned looking out for Aldi’s events and you should do this for they do as they sell them in much larger boxes making them an even greater price per tablet.

Fruit loaf/malt loaf

This is a family snack favourite. At 49p it is very cheap when the branded alternative that we would by if shopping at any other supermarket would be £1 on offer. We can not taste the difference between the two.



Another snacking favourite in our house and a healthier alternative to many quick snacks. Nuts however can be very expensive unless they are roasted and salted. However Aldi have a selection of nuts at £1.99 which really is a very good price and makes you feel even better when eating your healthy snack.

Would love to know your must buy Aldi purchases? Is there something I am missing out on?

My 9 must buys from Aldi! Items I always buy due to quality and great price. Aldi uk store. What to buy in Aldi for the frugal family.


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