Getting Prepared School Summer Holidays – Freebie

The summer holidays in the UK are approaching, as a stay at home mum I know I am lucky to get this time with my children but on the other hand it can be a big task and a lot of ‘I am bored’ moments. It is also if you’re not careful, another costly time of year. I read the following quote the other day so thought I would leave it here as food for thought:


My main goal this year is to be out the house every day, even if for only an hour. This is not for the children but for me and my sanity. This does mean having a bit of a plan even if only a rough plan to ensure I am sticking to our budget. So I am sharing what I am currently planning so that I can jut enjoy some and hope by sharing it with you, your summer will run smoothly to. Keep scrolling to find links and images to the printable I have made to support your summer.

Make a Rough Plan

Before starting to plan, please remember you do not need to fill everyday and being bored is actually a good thing.

Block off weeks you have booked your holiday or for the days you have off over this time. Look in your area for free or cheap activities, the local country parks, libraries and local museums are great for this. Ask the children what they want to do, they may surprise you and rather than the big days out they want to go to the park and fly a kite.

For ideas of things to do at home below is the link to my Summer Activities Pinterest Board, I will be adding to this over the next few weeks. Please just remember, these are ideas and don’t look for Pinterest worthy results it is the fun and participation that is going to bring the fun this summer:


pin ksa

Kids Summer Activities 

Book Early

With your plan are you booking holiday clubs? We booked our son into one and by booking early we saved £15 over the week. If you are a family who needs to book in 5 weeks that could be £75. If you are planning any larger days out, for example theme parks or aquariums to name two then by booking in advance (even a day or two before) you will get to pay online prices which are cheaper.

Click Here To Access Freebie

Stock up

Over the next few weeks stock up on picnic food items like crisps, cakes, snacks, even make up sandwiches now to freeze for the summer holidays. Ice-lollies, stock up on favourites as and when they are on offer, not only are they perfect for a long sunny day but they will save you a fortune when they hear the Ice Cream van everyday. If your children are big crafty’s then ensure you have items in the house they love. Don’t go crazy just ensure you have the basics, paint, glue, colourful paper, save a few delivery boxes etc their imagination will do the rest. I also buy a couple of cheap DVDs, ones they have not seen before but will make that rainy day afternoon a little more special.

Cook or prep 1 extra meal for the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks buy an extra meal each week, whether that is something simple like a pizza or for you to bulk up a chilli con carne and freeze half.  This will save you on your food budget slightly during august, leaving a little room for family fun and be a great life saver on the busy days when the last thing you want to do is start cooking from scratch.


I have created a printable to help you plan out your six weeks holiday. From creating a bucket list, to planning it out and the prep in between. Click image below to gain access!

Summer Holiday Planner pin




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