Living Intentionally – Morning routine

I am very much a believer that starting your morning off right creates the foundation to a great day! I will add a disclaimer here, I am human and some mornings I am dragging myself out of bed like everyone else but the reason for that is a whole other post that I may just write soon.

There are lots of morning routines around and mine isn’t so different, it is not about to change the world but I wanted to share with you what is possible to fit in my morning with three children. A little background for you as if you have read my about me page, you will know I am a stay at home mum. For me this means I have 4 days a week where I am dropping 1 or 2 children for their morning at pre-school at 7.30am and then have a school age child who I walk to school at 8.40am. This morning routine is complete by the time I walk my son to school, so that the children who are at home that day and I can start what we have planned. So whether you are a stay at home mum like me or you are a mum who needs to get to work each morning I know you could fit a few of these tips in.

Changing your morning to a more intentional on can change the rest of your day and maybe that right there is worth a try.

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Don’t leave things for the morning you will thank yourself

The dishes in the sink, packing your lunch or bag for whatever your day looks like and what will you wear? Are just a few examples of things that most people complete in the morning, but by just adding a few minutes to your evening could not only save you so much time but make your morning feel so much more relaxed.

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Set an alarm

4 out of 7 days I won’t be up before the children (my youngest two are early risers) but those 3 that I am feel amazing. I will be dressed and ready to go as their little feet pitter patter across the hallway to our bedroom. If you work you may think I already set an alarm, this will make no difference to us. But if you are getting up the same time as your child like I was when I was a corporate working mum, set it 15 minutes earlier it will make a difference and I promise if you take nothing else from this list this is the one you should try.

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No matter how busy you are get ready for the day as soon as you get up.

Our ideas of getting ready maybe different for example I apply makeup everyday but you may only apply a moisturiser, both is perfectly fine as long as your feeling your best. I say it this way because as a parent I know it is very easy to cut things off your list to ensure everyone else is ready. Make time for you, you deserve it! Another part of getting ready is have breakfast I hear so many times that parents say that they didn’t have time but yet you did make your children breakfast. Have breakfast with them! Crazy right, it seems so simple yet we don’t always do it. It’s a win win you get breakfast and your children will love the fact that you are all around the table chatting. Breakfast may not get to happen everyday as like I said I have been the corporate mum and my eldest would have breakfast at the childminder/nursery but just remember this for your days off they will love it.

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Pick a few things you can do in the morning around your home.

You may be saying to yourself I have no time, but if you have done the two points above you certainly will. I am also not saying go and clean your whole house (unless you can and then wow go you) for me it is to vacuum the main living space (5mins), put a load of laundry on (5mins) and  picking up as I walk through the home (10mins). Nothing huge but my house looks a lot better and if I get nothing else done that day I did something. My three items take approx 20 minutes and if we are honest with ourselves we could easily lose that time each morning just scrolling on our phones.

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Know what is for dinner

Whether you meal plan weekly or not, knowing what you will be eating that day will help you ensure your not reaching for the take out menu or going to the drive through when you realise you forgot to defrost the meat or that you should have put the slow cooker on at lunch.

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Know today’s plan.

I have been guilty of losing track of the day. Most people don’t miss the larger events like the time you start work or the doctor’s appointment but the other hours fly by untouched. Sit down with your morning coffee and write a list of everything that needs to be done. Make it realistic as there is no point having a list you always fail to complete but having a plan of 4 or 5 items that must get done means you are more like to accomplish them.

A morning routine can be the key a successful day, whether you start to do all of these suggestions or just one of them resonates with you it could be a refreshing start to your day.

Whats the key to your successful morning? Comment below!


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