My Need for Simplicity update

This journey for me had started at the end of last year but really took off for me in January where I posted about my need for simplicity. Since then we have done major decluttering of our home and I can honestly say our home has never felt bigger.

It has allowed us to not only see what we need to organise but also what work needs to be done to the home that we never really saw due to the clutter. We spent the last year or so thinking about a possible move but with a little organisation and work I could honestly see us living here for sometime to come.

My plan for the next few months is to concentrate on the last 3 points of my plan:


We plan to work on all three bathrooms giving them all a little storage as this is non-existent right now and toiletries are currently stored in a draw in our bedroom which we would like to stop. Our next organisation project is our bedroom, like many homes our bedroom is the last room to be decorated and while we are doing this we plan to get the organisation right as our bedroom is certainly the place where everything that doesn’t have a home goes. There is many more areas we could organise but for us these are the most important and we will work on the rest next year.


I said I would like more room in my schedule for down time, me time, family time. I said I want to stop saying ‘in a minute I just need to do…’. Part of this is to stop taking it all on myself. I am a paper planner girl and the whole week is in my planner, but it means no one else really has anything to do with it and it feels like I am responsible for it all. My first move it to change to a wall calendar, I have found to suit my family’s needs, so we will start to use this mid-august. I plan to make a lot more room for adventures with my girls during the school week as this will be the last school year I have with one of them and the year after my third baby (or big girl as she reminds me daily) will also be off to school. You may think this is not freeing up time but I am using this as my motivation to free up time this is important so other ‘important’ things will have to be dropped to fit it in.

Reduce technology

I have no major plans to change something in regards to technology until after the summer holiday however my view on this right now is to ensure screen time is kept to a minimum throughout the summer. Once school is back in September I will look at my own technology first my plan is to move the social media apps that drag me down a scrolling hole for half and hour on to a tablet that will mean they are not so easily accessed as my phone and give them a set time. My son is now getting to an age where internet security and limitations are becoming important so I want to become savvy on this to ensure I am doing what is best for him, this isn’t really reducing technology but it’s certainly reducing the risk of it.

Certainly still some way to go on our journey and I say this as I am not sure this journey will ever really end. But we are certainly already seeing benefits to simplifying our home and life. Have you been simplifying? What changes have you made that have made a difference to you and your family?


One thought

  1. I discovered The Life Changing Magic of Tidying last year, after reaching a state where I didn’t know where to begin; my life felt like chaos and I couldn’t concentrate on anything for all the ‘noise’ in my life. It massively helped (although in honesty I’ve yet to finish the KonMarie method, but it certainly makes for a more peaceful life.


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