Life, Budget, Goals and Fitness

In the last 6 months life got to me. After the school summer holiday flew by, a family vacation, close family severely ill, all of our birthdays and Christmas its 2019. So I thought for my first post back I would update you on life, budgeting, goals and fitness etc.

One big goal we have for this year is to double our household income. this by no means makes us living in luxury it simply means we are going to be one more comfortable and two start working on our pensions, mortgage and investing. We would like to be mortgage free within ten years and this is our first step to getting there.

Last year I wrote a few simple posts about simplifying and decluttering our home. Our home is now, pretty much decluttered, there are a few areas such as our garage that we are still to work on as we aim to add shelves in etc but our home is now lovely to live in. My next step is to work on better organisation, I am one of those people who can be sucked in my Pinterest and so have a few areas where very pretty organisation has never actually been functional for our family. I am looking to now organise my home in a family functional way, whatever that may look like.

Another big goal of mine is to make exercise a habit of mine this year. Exercise for me has never been part of my life (other that a couple of childhood sports) and I want that to be different for both myself and my family. There is no extra room in our budget right now for me to have a gym membership so I will be sharing how I am getting fit on a budget shortly.

Last but by no means least our actual budget. We still write a monthly budget and we are working on checking it more regularly as we have noticed that when we don’t it’s when it can go off plan. I am also always looking for ways for us to save money and to stretch money further while living life to the fullest.


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