Fitness at home on a budget

Over the last several months I have set myself the goal of exercising three times a week. With my husband working different shifts and with two of my three children being under the age of five, getting to a gym is difficult. With this being said I just have never been able to justify the cost of a gym membership. Whether you don’t have the time or the money for a gym membership here are my suggestions for fitness at home.

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Find an activity you enjoy!

I used to run a few mornings a week before children. Then life got hold of me and here I am eight years later, that’s how quickly life can go by with an excuse here and an excuse there. Then at the end of last year when my mum got really ill, I knew something needed to change and so I got thinking about what I enjoy. Exercise used to be about getting slim but as I get older I don’t look at that aspect to decide how I want to get fit, I actually look at the strength it can give me both physically and more importantly mentally. Yoga and running, were made for me and both allow me to shut off the world and make me feel amazing both mentally and physically once I am finished. Yoga I am working on fitting in to my week again (I am not very good at exercising in my own living room in front of people, anyone else like this?) but running is back. I have been running for three months on average three times a week following the couch to five kilometres app (any one will work just find the one that suits you). I am now starting to see changes to my body which is what we all look for, to see if the hard work is paying off and other than a cheap pair of headphones I have spent nothing. Here are a few suggestions to look at for at home exercise.

  • Running
  • Exercise DVDs, we all have them at the back of the cupboard so don’t buy another just yet.
  • Youtube Exercise Videos – There are 1000’s of them
  • There are many 12 week programs you can buy for a small cost (around the £30 mark) such as BBG or Carly Rowena. They are exercise programs that you can repeat at home over and over again.
  • App’s – find a challenge that you like the sound of and use the app to encourage you.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk.
  • Make a game of it with your children whether it is skipping, trampolining or step up – just get moving.
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You don’t need anything new just yet!

One of the biggest ways that the exercise/fitness industry makes money is all the new equipment and gear you buy for the one hundredth new sport you are attempting to conquer. If you are honest with yourself the new workout gear is not going to make you run faster, exercise harder or get in to a meditative state more easily. So why buy new gear when you already have some at home other than to tell yourself and the cashier that you now exercise! Trainers are trainers no matter what they look like! Once you are committed to a sport and your budget allows go for the trainers that are better for your foot type when you run or the sports watch you want to help monitor your progress or a new set of hand weights as the can of beans you have been using no longer cut it. But wait until you know this is for you and you will have saved a fortune.

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Have a reason!

This is nothing new having a goal/ a why / something to aim for really helps you stay motivated. You will need this a few weeks in when what ever you have chosen to do starts to get harder and you are yet to see results. The day I wrote this I ran this morning and my last five minutes were hard and I won’t lie I wanted to quit but having a why meant I could replay it in my head like a mantra. I am not saving it made the five minutes easier because it certainly didn’t but it did mean that it no longer felt like the longest five minutes of my life. Find your why, you will need it!

What exercise could you fit in this week?


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  1. I agree. I’ve often used not being able to go to the gym as an excuse but it’s really not, as there’s loads you can do at home or outside for free. YouTube has free videos for every style of exercise and fitness levels these days.


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