5 habits that are changing my life!

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Over the last six months I have been making small changes to my life, it is allowing me to live more simply and more intentionally. Like most adults months go by and before you realise it you are half way through the year, you are no closer to your new year goals you set and no idea how half a year went so fast. I wanted to change some of that if I could, so these are the 5 things currently making the most impact.

Waking up at 5.30

This has been my biggest change. I won’t lie my children get up early, (between 6am and 6.30am) so it hasn’t been hard for me to push it to 5.30am. That first half an hour to an hour on my own is incredible. I can say it makes me more productive, more intentional with what my day looks like and a more patient parent. For the pure fact I generally get to drink a warm cup of coffee on my own before the day begins is a win all on its own.

Less TV

This might not seem like much of a change to make but when you say ‘I just don’t have the time’, I can now say that I do have time. I have time to craft, read or exercise all things I said I didn’t have time for. Could you cut out one programme, what could you do with that extra 1/2 an hour. I totally understand that watching maybe your way way to relax, I didn’t however say cut it out just watch less.


I have been following Rachel Hollis for a little while now and I follow her gratitude and goals morning practice. This consists of writing down five things I am grateful for, ten goals I have made happen and the goal I am currently working on each day. The gratitude part for me has made a big change to my mood. When something ‘bad’ happens I no longer say I have had a bad day, something bad happened in my day but so did good things and that perspective has been a great shift for me.


I have exercised very irregularly for years, and by this I mean less than once a month. I wanted to pick up something that wasn’t going to cost much to start and so after downloading a free C25K app I started running. I have recently written a blog post with ideas for budget friendly exercise, click here to take a read. For me although I am starting to see a few physical changes, the mental almost meditation feel I have when running is why this change with be a permanent fixture.

Reading non-fiction

I am an avid romance reader, I can read about a book a week. Non fiction on the other hand I find quite difficult to get through. As I know there is so much to learn inside the right non-fiction books, I decided to start listening to them through either Audible or my local library. I have listen to a range of subjects on business and life in general and I have learnt so much. If you are not a non-fiction reader I would certainly recommend listening to them.

What helps you live a simple intentional life?


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