Grocery Money Saving Tips (No Coupons)

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Groceries is one of the biggest expenses for most households behind your mortgage. However you have some control over how much you spend, this may mean changing a few things you eat or spending an extra half an hour planning but you can reduce your costs. I won’t be mentioning coupons in this post, yes they can save you money but in the UK it can take a lot of work to find coupons and they are in most cases not for things you would usually buy.

So here are my tips to savings money on your food shop:

  • Find your shop. Every business has a ideal client and that is the same with a supermarket/grocery shop. This is not about the type of person you are but the type of food you buy. One shop you will find will always have offers on the food you eat and another it will feel like you never get an offer. Find your shop as this will be your cheapest.
  • Everyone says this but meal plan and write a list. It sound so simple but saves you so much money. I personally use The Minimal Mom’s meal plan and shopping list, here is a link to her video if you want to take a look.
  • When your favourite items are on offer buy more. If an item you buy weekly is half price buy two you were going to buy it full price, do it again if it is still on offer the week after. Your are not going to buy enough to build a stockpile that will feed the street, but you will have enough that on a five week month when money is stretched a little thin you have several products you don’t need to buy.
  • Eat less meat. Start small with one day a week an you will immediately see a difference. If no meat is not an option try reducing the size for example instead of 500g of beef mince in a Spaghetti Bolognese try 250g and build it up with lentils.
  • Just buy what you need. I have mentioned buying from a list and buying more if your favourite weekly products are on offer, but do not buy items just because they are on offer. What do I mean? Buying six packets of biscuits you rarely eat because they are half price is not a good deal. They are still costing you money, so you are adding to the food bill on something you don’t need. We all know we say we will buy these and they will last 6 weeks and in reality they get eaten in less than 6 days.

What tips do you use when grocery shopping? Comment below so we can all learn more!


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