Family Holiday in Devon

We had a lovely week away in Devon during the Easter holidays. We picked a lovely holiday home at Cofton Holiday Park. I thought I would share a few pictures from our adventures.

The week started a little cold and windy but that didn’t stop us taking a visit to the local beach and eating the holiday must have ice-cream.

We visited a small but beautiful National Trust site Finch Foundry. My son loves history, he really enjoys learning about who used to live there and what they did with the site. I really like that they try to include the whole family and have little things like dress up outfits to keep many children interested in the visit. After following the ‘secret’ path we ended up on a beautiful walk through the forest.

If looking for a cheap and fun day out then I would recommend the Haldon Forest Park as it is part of the Forestry England there is a car park cost but that really is all you have to pay for. Or you can add bike hire, Zog activity pack or an afternoon at Go Ape your visit really is up to you. We decided to buy the activity pack but in all honesty you really don’t need it and the trail is just as much fun without it, it was a lovely way however to keep my youngest two entertained through out the walk.

Whenever we are in Devon we always visit one of the Rock Fish restaurants. If you enjoy a great fish dish we would highly recommend seeing if you are near one.

By the end of the week the sun was truly shining and so we had to go back to Dawlish Warren Beach to fully enjoy an afternoon on the sand. Sandcastles and sea dipping was enjoyed by all, plus ice-cream of course.

It was a beautiful and relaxing holiday that was just what we needed. Have you been away this year or do you have holidays planned?


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