5 Podcast Favourites (May)

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Last month I shared my post on 5 Habits That Are Changing My Life. I thought I would start making this a regular post and each month I will be sharing 5 things on a particle topic/theme. This month I am sharing 5 Podcasts I am currently enjoying. Podcasts are a great free way for me to learn something, whether this is on parenting, budgeting or business. Podcasts really are for anyone with a wide range of topics from children to business to true crime and everything in between.

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

1. Rise

If you have not yet heard of Rachel Hollis I would certainly recommend taking a look at her work as she is very motivating and inspirational. I would also recommend having a read of her book Girl Wash Your Face *. This podcast covers a wide range of topics from health, fear and business she gives her views and tips on subjects taking a warrior over victim approach which I love. Great for personal and business growth.

2. Rise together

This is Rachel Hollis’ second podcast where she is joined by her husband Dave Hollis. They talk about growing as a couple, from supporting your partners dreams, vacations as a family, fitness and more intimate subjects. If you are looking for growth in your relationship I would highly recommend a listen.

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

If you follow Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps in anyway this is a great motivational podcast. We are currently on baby step 3 and debt free screams are still motivational to keep any bad spending habits in check. If you are in debt and looking to become debt free this is certainly for you.

4. Run Pod

This is a new one for me but I really enjoy it. I have been running for about 7 months now and it is certainly the exercise for me. This podcast is by Jenni Falconer and she interviews runners from celebrities to the man who started Park Run. It is a great way to hear how they all got started running, which makes my progress feel great and what they currently run. You also hear things like their favourite trainers etc which for someone fairly new to it all helps with my next choice. A real informative podcast.

5. Coffee + Crumbs

This is ran by three mummies and they discuss a magnitude of topics for the mummy of today. The main reason I enjoy this podcast is it is like listening to a group of friends when you meet up for a coffee, which is just what you need when you are half way though the week and your house looks like it has exploded.

I am always on the look for a new podcast, what would you recommend?

This post contains and affiliate link and it is indicated by a *.


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