Camping Essentials

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Going on holiday (vacation) may seem like a long way off if your budget is tight, or if you have been focused on paying off debt for so long. But maybe that is because your idea of a holiday is currently out of reach, maybe the holidays you are used to seem completely out if your budget. Have you tried camping? Personally my family love it and love nothing more than the great outdoors. It can be a very affordable way to have a small break.

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Holiday (Noun) – An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling. – Oxford Dictionary

What I enjoy about camping

  • Freedom for a holiday whenever your free – With so little to take, you can easily fill your car on a Friday afternoon and be away for a weekend in no time.
  • No TV – Ok so this will not be a positive for everyone but it is amazing for me. No discussion on TV for a week and add in a huge amount of quality family time for me equals and amazing holiday.
  • Other than the tent it is really budget friendly – After the initial purchase of a few essentials you have all the equipment for a weekend/week away whenever your free. A tent pitch for the weekend can be cheaper in price than a family day at a theme park.
  • Each holiday so different – It is what ever you make it, site seeing / relaxation / forest and coastal walks your options are endless.
  • The children love it – If you are wondering what your children will make of a camping trip, they will love it. Our camping holidays are the ones my childen ask when we are going again.
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My Essentials

Here are 10 of my essentials that are a must for us when making a tent a holiday home. These are the items that mean the tent is not just a bedroom. You may already have a lot of these around the home so use them as this will help allow you to stretch your budget in other areas of your holiday.

I have not included a tent as this really is a personal choice, if you have a £50 budget you will find a tent, don’t get me wrong it won’t be the best and it is not going to last years but it will work for now and will do what you need. The choice is endless and if you have saved for one then a bit like when you pick a home think what do you need for example we need three bedroom compartments they do not need to be huge (just fit in a bed and a bag of clothes) but it makes sleeping better for us. My husband is 6ft 7in so we need one with standing height, it is just a must for us. What is your list?

  1. Wellington Boots* – you never can guarantee the weather so these are a great item to have even if only needed once or twice.
  2. Waterproof Coat* – again you can never predict the weather and you will be so thankful on your trip to the toilet at 7am when it is pouring with rain.
  3. Sleeping bag* – there is nothing worse than getting cold in a tent. I have linked this one as a good option but would really recommend visiting a camping/outdoor shop to see what type you would prefer even if you come home to buy it online later.
  4. Airbed * – we personally prefer an airbed they are compact and the air you put in to them is adjustable to what you would like. But again there are many bed options to make your stay more comfortable so find what is right for you.
  5. Stove *- For that morning toast and tea.
  6. Kettle* – A must for the coffee in the morning and the hot chocolate on the cold evenings.
  7. Saucepan * – there is so many meals you can cook with a couple of saucepans
  8. Electrical Hook Up * – For lights and phone charging may seem basic but it will feel like a luxury.
  9. Table * – For breakfast in the tent or to take out for the barbecue.
  10. Camping chair * – To sit around the table or to fold and take on picnics or to the beach.

A few little luxuries

I thought I would share 7 of my little luxuries that take a camping holiday a little easier. None of them are essential but they all make my holiday feel a little easier or nicer.

  1. UNO * – We love board games and card games in our family. Card games are great to take camping as they take up very little room but can be hours of fun. Uno is our favourite!
  2. Book * – Most people would love 5 more minutes to read and a holiday is a great place to sit down with a good book. I have linked one of my favourite romance books.
  3. Walking Socks * – If your a big walker on holiday a pair of walking socks can make a difference. Not an essential but a little luxury.
  4. Camping Cupboard * – I hate spending my holiday surrounded in piles of things because you have no where to put them. So a little fold away cupboard gives home to so many things that I am no longer surrounded in chaos.
  5. Storage box * – Great to take things in the car and then when you arrive can be the a great place to store your shoes. This will stop the tent getting so dirty if you have had a weekend of rain.
  6. Swimming gear – Whether it is a trip to the beach or a local swimming pool it is all part of that holiday feeling for us. I haven’t linked a suggestion for swimwear because it is such a personal choice.
  7. Change (Money) – A lot of camp sites have a launderette, you may not fancy washing clothes on holiday but a little change to dry the swimming towels a little quicker on a cold day can make the world of difference. It will also stop the tent smelling damp.

Do you enjoy camping? What is one essential you would always take?

This post contains and affiliate link and it is indicated by a *.


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