Saving Money on Books

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Reading is a big part of my week, it is the way I learn new things from business to parenting and is also how I unwind. I love nothing more than unwinding at the end of the day with a romance novel and a bit of chocolate, that right there is my type of self care. If like me you are reading five plus books a month it can soon add up so today I am sharing ways I save money on books. The idea is that for any book lover, one or more of these will help you save a little money on your next few reads.

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Your local library

This is likely to be one that most are at least aware they can use but not everyone goes and gets books from the library as they latest titles are not always there or have a wait list. Did you know though that many libraries now offer ebooks and audiobooks though apps you can use on your tablet or phone? This means the choice is even wider and the change of you getting the book you want it greater. Make sure you are checking the library either by visiting or using their app before buying the latest book you want.

Free or 99p Kindle Books

For many readers, your favourite authors can not write quick enough for your reading so you are always looking for new authors to read. A great way to try a book from a new (to you) author is to look for series of books, many have the first book for free or 99p this is because the author hopes you to get hooked enough for the next book in the series. You don’t have to buy the next book though or you can use the other options mentioned in this post to keep reading the series. Also search the word free along with the book genre in Kindle for free book options.

Prime Reading / Kindle Lenders Library

Did you know you get access to over one thousand books to borrow through Prime Reading, you just need a prime account and a way to read kindle books (tablet, kindle or app). You can download up to 10 at a time ad will be prompted to return one when you reach your limit, read more here. You can also get one free book to download and loan each month through the Kindle Lenders Library. This allows readers up to one Kindle Unlimited Book each month, there is no due date but it will auto return when you choose your next book. Want more than one book from the Kindle Unlimited Section consider the Kindle Unlimited for a small monthly fee you will have access to over a million titles. To get a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited and for more information click here*

Cheaper Ways to Buy a Paperback

Maybe your not convinced by reading on a tablet and a good old fashioned book is your thing. Look in charity shops, I always give my read books in to charity shops. You will have to keep looking as it really is pot luck what the shop has in on that day but you can get some real gems for great prices. Look for shops that always have offers for example The Works always have 3 for £5 on selected fiction and 6 for £10 on children’s picture books or many supermarkets have 2 for £7.


Non-fiction can be quite expensive to buy so if you are unable to find the book in you local library and your an avid learner/non-fiction reader have you considered audible? This is my choice of non-fiction reading/listening and it is a lot cheaper than buying each book. I personally have the standard one book a month but there is different options depending on how much you want to listen to.

Present idea

We all have our favourite authors and for me they are the people I will always be willing to pay full price when their latest book comes out or even pre-order. The best way I save on this is to ask for gift cards as a present. This also works for subscriptions. My family generally ask what I would like for mt Birthday or Christmas and I will always respond to one requesting a voucher for amazon or a national book voucher which will allow me to buy a book or two.

These are ways I save every month on books, some make a bigger difference than others but all save me a little. How do you save money on books? What is your favourite book? I am always looking to add to my ‘to read’ list.

This post contains and affiliate link and it is indicated by a *.


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