A Guide to Father’s Day on your Budget!

With so many special days / holidays through out the year it can soon be a costly expense. I am not saying they shouldn’t be celebrated, they most certainly should be. A celebration however does not have to cost a penny or can cost as much as you want as long as you budget wisely.

In this post I am sharing two examples of Fathers Day, from which you can take the ideas you like and create the perfect Father’s day for the Dads/Step-Dads/Father-in-Law/Grandads/Grandpas in your life. Celebrate whatever your budget.

A Free Day of Celebration

  • Dads favourite breakfast, coffee and juice made for him.
  • Make a little gift for example a book of vouchers and a handmade card (find out if nursery or school are making something)
  • What does Dad want? – Does he want an hour or two on his own? Then take the children to the park. Maybe he wants to go to the park or a walk as a family? Maybe there is a sports event on TV he was wanting to watch or would love nothing more than a family movie afternoon? These all cost nothing so if you have enough room in your day they all be done.
  • End the day by making Dad his favourite dinner (fit it in to your food budget)

Variations on the day

If you have budgeted a set about like we do then below are a few changes you could make. Please remember you do not have to do them all and whatever fits your budget and your family this year is perfect:

  • Take Dad out for breakfast (this was my choice for mothers day)
  • Buy a small gift and a handmade card (don’t change this the children love to make them and they are always better than brought cards)
  • Keep the day simple and I believe the free options of the day are best but you could look at paying for a small day out or going out for coffee and cake.
  • Does Dad want a takeaway or maybe a meal out?

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